The secret to hard hitting bass!

Looking for a powerful and durable subwoofer that can handle some serious bass? Look no further than DS18! These subwoofers are some of the best on the market, and they are sure to give your car audio system a boost.

Ds18 offers a wide range of subwoofers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Ds18 has a wide variety of subwoofers on the market. They really do have a line that will work for most any customer.

When buying a ds18 subwoofer you need to make sure you measure your space so you know if they will even work for your application. From mild to wild ds18 subwoofers have you covered.

Why We Like ds18

People choose ds18 for car audio needs because they offer some of the best subwoofers on the market. Their subs are extremely durable and produce great sound quality, making them perfect for any car audio setup.

Today we will look at three different subs that range from an affordable price to a high end professional type of subwoofer, so you can decide which category you want to be in.

Single Sub or Multiple Subs?

A single larger subwoofer can provide deeper, more accurate bass than multiple smaller subwoofers. When placed in the right spot, and with a proper speaker enclosure, a single subwoofer can create a more cohesive soundstage and provide a more immersive listening experience.

So sometimes less can be more. If you study and learn the ins and outs of the car stereo world you will see that most goals can be achieved with one or two subs. However if you're like me I tend to overdo things LOL.

I love seeing monsterrrrrr over the top systems powered by a gazillion watts of peak power. You know the stuff that hits so hard you cant breathe when it hits that low note.

We have consulted some industry pros and asked the hard questions for you to help guide you through what can be the most daunting chore of picking the right sub or subs for your wants and desires.

So let's look at a few items that will get you sounding your best and have your neighbors saying there goes the neighborhood!

First Up

Best 8 inch subwoofer for entry level systems

DS18 SLC-8S Subwoofer in Black - 8-Inch Speaker, 400W Max Power

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DS18 SLC-8S Subwoofer in Black - 8-Inch Speaker, 400W Max Power

Best 8 inch subwoofer for entry level systems

Want some bass but don't want to break the bank?

The ds18 SLC 8 inch has a great sale price and customer reviews a very favorable for these items.

Customers said they like the fact it is 4 ohm, and has a sensitivity level of 84db.

Speaker Specs


  • - 8-Inch Car Audio Subwoofer offers a 200W RMS & peak power of 400W Max w/ 4ohm impedance Lets you pump out some great low-frequency bass volume to enhance the party vibe making it a great addition to your Car / SUV music audio system


  • -The Select line of subwoofers are a great addition to your car stereo sound system. No sound system is complete without the perfect subwoofer for complimentary bass so don't deprive your Vehicle from the absolute best sound you can get!


  • - Made entirely of specially treated foam surround for durability Designed with this non-fatiguing suspension to keep equipment safe It is a clean-cut car subwoofer that boasts a non-pressed paper cone and black steel basket


  • -The bass speaker features a 8-inch high-quality paper with glass fiber cone The 38-oz magnetic structure and 2-inch black aluminum 4 layer voice coil w/ power and achieve a frequency response of 50 Hz to 4 5 kHz Sensitivity 84dB


  • - The car subwoofer can be mount inside a box / enclosure The sub has an Overall Diameter 8.43" Baffle Cutout Diameter 7.2" and Mounting Depth 3.85"

DS18 ZR8.2D Elite-Z 8" Car Audio Subwoofer 900 Watts

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DS18 ZR8.2D Elite-Z 8" Car Audio Subwoofer 900 Watts

Best 8 inch subwoofer for smaller spaces

This Sub can handle a beating even though its a small subwoofer it has a peak power rating of 1000 watts. Thats impressive and its affordable for most.

Speaker Specs

Large foam surround

  • gives great xmax and bass precision while keeping great cone control when the subwoofer is close to maximum power.

Great power handling

  • of 450w RMS and 900w max through a high strength 2 inch aluminum voice coil.

Very strong stamped basket

  • with show quality DS18 logos on the frame, magnet boot, motor, and dust cap.


  • to give crisp and clear bass in any vehicle and can be used in sealed and ported boxes.

The ZR subline is a great entry level subwoofer

  • that both handles great power and gives you smooth clean bass.

BEST 8 inch sub for serious BASS

DS18 EXL-X8.2D 8-Inch Subwoofer,Dual 2-Ohms, 1,200W Max

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DS18 EXL-X8.2D 8-Inch Subwoofer,Dual 2-Ohms, 1,200W Max

Best 8 inch sub for serious car audio enthusiast

So ya wanna bang hard with some bass that will punch you in the back? The EXL series line is the ultimate experience!

These bad boys will deliver that hard hitting bass your looking for.

Place a couple of these in your ride and most customers agree they deliver the goods.

Speaker Specs


  • - The EXL-XX8.2D pounds out all of the power you need and handles low frequencies response such as 40Hz-820Hz like a true 8" subwoofer. This will make you a bass head!


  • - The EXL-X6.2D delivers impressive 1,200W Max Power with 600W RMS at Dual 2+2 Ohm, once you hear it you'll finally realize what big, rich bass sounds like.


  • - Provides multiple options and flexibility to wire Parallel, Series, or Independent. Most subs are limited because of their single voice coil


  • - The EXL series of subwoofers come with a red aluminum frame, a paper/glass fiber cone, black aluminum 4 Layer voice coil cover, and a treated foam edge to ensure top quality.


  • - Settle for nothing but the best with 130 oz high strength double Ferrite magnets that produce a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.


So there ya have it three excellent choices of the best 8 inch subwoofers around. These are all great choices from a great company.

Search some resources and talk to some of their customer base. Heck email the company and ask some questions about their products.

What you will find is a company dedicated to their products and continue to ensure future research and development of their car audio line.

So you still have some questions?

Check out our FAQ section below

FAQ Section

What are the different types of ds18 subwoofers available on the market today

Best place to start is by clicking on over to our links where you will find a lot of info and stock levels of the ds18 line.

You could also take time to visit a local dealer store. Ultimately you will probably return to your resources online, we recommend this as it saves time and you don't waste a bunch of time looking for product stock that may be unavailable.

How do I know which type of ds18 subwoofer is right for me

That will depend on what your goals are for car stereo system. Even your budget can determine which items you can ultimately afford.

Maybe some items you want to order will be on sale which could help you  upgrade from what you originally were going to order. Always check our links for the lowest prices.

What are some of the features and benefits of owning a ds18 subwoofer

Well aside from the obvious, an amazing sounding system, ds18 also offers great customer support, free shipping, a top-notch 2 year warranty on most items, They even have financing options!

How does ds18 compare to other subwoofers

The answer to that question can be answered by their thousands of customers. When asked wil always say there is no comparison!

So don't drive all the way down to Miami fl. to see for yourself, we would just send ya over to their website and see for yourself.

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